Hawaiian Punch – Most Recent Installment Of Celebrities I Want To Punch In The Face!!!

As you know, this is an ongoing daily series by your favorite cereal connoisseur…


I’m counting down the Top 13 celebrities I want to punch right in the damn face!

To see the previous installments of the series, and the rest of the post, CLICK HERE!!!

So who is today’s lucky weiner?

Take it away Hawaiian Punchy!

 Kanye West

Kanye West is not only a cocky, arrogant, whiney, attention-whoring son-of-a-bitch…


Yes he is.

OK… OK… He is a very talented producer and has a knack for putting together classic albums.  There, glad that shit is out of the way! 

It’s amazing that anyone still likes this ass-clown.  First, he gets in a car accident (probably because he was going down on himself while driving) and gets his mouth wired shut. 

Jesus, his face is fucking HUGE!  He looks like he could be a black ninja turtle. 


Next this mother fucker gets sonned on South Park… 

Maybe his cheeks are so big from shoving all those fish sticks in his mouth!  Or maybe it’s from gargling Jay-Z’s nuts.  Or both.  At the same time. 

Mouth from Goonies has nothing on you!  

Kanye actually had the nerve to say that this South Park episode really opened his eyes and made him realize what a douche bag he has been over the years… 

Yeah, sure it did ‘Ye.  If that was the case, why the did you throw a fucking hissy-fit on Taylor Swift at the VMAs right afterwards? 

That shit wasn’t even original you fucking biter:

RIP ODB!  Kanye’s mouth likes it raw too!

Next time you are on the rag, keep your drama queen ass at home. 

Even Paris Hilton calls you a whiney little bitch. 

Now it is time that I gave you something to really cry about:


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