Cartoon Society


You are stranded on an island.

You have no friends.

There isn’t even a volleyball to hallucinate a friendship with.

There are enough resources for you and 12 cartoon characters.

Which mini-society would you choose to live in?




1. Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones)

 2. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

 3. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)





Roles In Society: Co-Mayors / Beer Drinkers / Wife Beaters / BFFFs.
Can you picture these guys hanging out? PANDEMONIUM!!! The town’s Mt. Rushmore includes these three and, of course, donkey dong John Goodman!


4. Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes)

 Role In Society: Town Inventor / Pest Remover / Hunter

5. Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

Role In Society: Town Whore / Stripper / Soccer Mom / Librarian / Cheerleader / Nurse / French Maid / Pornstar

6. The Joker (Batman: The Animated Series)

Role In Society: Town Batman Villain / Jester / Choir Soprano


7. Genie (Aladdin)

Role In Society: Town Child Molester



8. Cartman (South Park)


Role In Society: Town Genius / Town NASCAR Driver / Town KFC Provider / Town Coon

9. Shaggy (Scooby Doo)

Role In Society: Town Pothead / Ghost Catcher / Mystery Solver / Pet Molester (watch out Stitch!)

10. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

Role In Society: Town Football (Watch out for Genie, Stewball!)

11. Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

Role In Society: Town Pet

12. Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants)

Role In Society: Town Astronaut / Brain Surgeon





1. Randy Marsh (South Park)



Roles In Society: Town Drama Queen / Geologist / Genius

2. Michaelangelo (TMNT)


Roles In Society: Town Crime Stopper / Town Club Promoter / Town Pizzeria Owner / Slang Specialist / Mutant

3. Beavis (Beavis and Butthead)


Roles In Society: Town Loser / Drug Addict / Music Video Critic / Four Loko Drinker

4. Popeye (Popeye)


Roles In Society: Town Personal Trainer / Bouncer / Pimp / Sailor

5. Ren (Ren and Stimpy)


Roles In Society: Town Pe(s)t / Dog?

6. Yosemite Sam (Looney Toons)



Roles In Society: Town Gangster / Gun Shop Owner / Ginger / Midget / Ginger-Midget Cowboy


7. Fat Albert (Fat Albert)


Roles In Society: Town Token Black Guy / Garbage Disposal / Shade Provider / Baller

8. Jimmy Vulmer (South Park)


Roles In Society: Town Comedian / Popeye’s Steroid Provider / Boy Scout

9. Moe (The Simpsons)

Roles In Society: Town Bartender / Alcoholic / Porn Distributor / OG

10. Slimer (Ghost Busters)

Roles In Society: Town Slimey Thing / Booger

11. Skeletor (He-Man)


Roles In Society: Town Anatomy Teacher / Bad Ass / Interior Designer

12. Optimus Prime (Transformers)

Roles In Society: Town Transportation / Protector / Robot


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2 Responses to Cartoon Society

  1. Walter says:

    Genie is my hero

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