Citizen McGee’s Top Lyricists

If lyrics sold

Truth be told

I’d probably be

One of these lyricists

Praised by McGee…


Citizen McGee’s 12 Favorite Lyricists

(In No Particular Order)


Notorious B.I.G.

The late, great, king of the Rap game.

As we all know, heavy was the head that wore this crown, or as his royal highness put it in his own words… Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.

As another lyricist on this list aptly exclaimed to an unworthy pretender:

“The Greatest Rapper Of All Time Died On March 9th!”

Rest in peace BIG!!!

Peep his amazing Notorious Thugs” verse:



The Grandmaster Genius is the undisputed head of Wu-Tang’s Voltron.  He is the glue that holds it all together, armed with liquid swords and a mastership of the art of wordplay.

His classic concept track “Fame,” built on the lyrical foundations of celebrity names, is provided here for your enjoyment:

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)



The pioneer of internal rhyme patterns, Rakim is a legendary lyricist…

He Ain’t No Joke!

You don’t believe me? Let him tell you for himself, and don’t kid yourself… this work is from 19 fuckin’ 87! Jordan was still as ringless as Lebron is today!

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)



We all wonder what would have / could have / should have been if Suge and his bastard cronies hadn’t popped off BIG and Pac in ’96 and ’97… but unless you know the secret song to ImaginationLand, or have some kick ass hallucinogens in your system, those questions are just not going to be answered, son.

In their absence, BIG’s protege inherited the throne.

“And if I ain’t better than BIG, I’m the closest one…”

I’ll allow him to introduce himself…

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)



Remember when it was a fact that white boys couldn’t rap?

Who would have thought that a cracker ass cracker would churn out the best lyrical output of all time?!?!

Don’t let me tell you… listen to what the other lyricists have to say:

JAY-Z from “A Star Is Born”: “…what Em did was silly, The white boy blossomed after Dre endorsed him, His flow in Renegade… fuckin’ awesome, applaud him”

NAS from “Ether”: “And Eminem murdered you (Jay-Z) on your own shit (Renegade)”

EMINEM himself on “We’re Back”:

Nothin’ can stop and nothin’ can change it
You better just make new living arrangements
If you think you’re the top and king of the castle
You’re about to get thrown off the throne and ripped a new asshole
All I hear is, “I’m best at this” and “I’m best at that”
But I don’t hear my name, no, man, brought up in rap
And I don’t usually trip or dare get caught up in that
But when they say one of the best, I’m nowhere thought of as that
Not even the same league as Jay-Z
Nas, Pac, Biggie or maybe they’ll name me
Somewhere down at the bottom right after AZ
or say “He ripped that Biggie verse or that Jay-Z
Yo, his verses were crazy on that Renegade beat…”



From Illmatic to Stillmatic, Nas has been always moving forward, never backwards” as represented best by the raw and rugged epic “New York State Of Mind” from his debut album.

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)


Canibus is a unique talent; a highly intelligent lyricist who can spit ghost pepper hot rhymes for hundreds of bars at a time, as demonstrated below in his “Master Thesis”  


ANDRE 3000

Is Andre 3000 even human?  I have serious doubts.  I think he’s probably a robot alien pirate jesus.  The guy’s skills are so out of this world that you can’t even blame him for giving Rap the cold shoulder.  He died for your sins, bitches!!!

Having that said, come back Andre 3000!  Second Coming!

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)



He may sound like he’s having a heart attack between bars, but Pun brings the pain with his quick style and brilliantly laced rhymes.

Case in point: “Dream Shatterer”

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)



The rapper who is “Mad Famous For Being Unknown” is quite possibly the greatest lyricist that has ever blessed the mic.  He loves to be hated, which is why you might not even know who he is.

But you should…

His piece de resistance: “Uncommon Valor”

As an added bonus, check out a mixed collection of some of RA’s most notable verses…


Yo! Yo! The always entertaining Sultan of Slang exhibits his one-of-a-kind dart throwin’, strawberry kiwi spittin’, artistic Ghost Deini prowess havin’, Clark Wallabee versatility wearin’, straight up Balls of Steel gutter-as-fuck yet smooth-as-silk style in the masterpiece that is “Mighty Healthy”

(click on the “Watch on YouTube” link in the new window that opens after clicking below)



The esteemed pioneer of multisyllabic rapping and one of the originators of mafia rap is known as a “Hip Hop Godfather” for good reason.

The Don shows off his patented skills in “Cannon Fire.”


 Please check out my top rap albums of 2010 post!

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14 Responses to Citizen McGee’s Top Lyricists

  1. T says:

    Nice list….but Big Daddy Kane shoulda been on this list over Gza or pun..def shoulda been on there somewhere!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This list is fucking perfect only complaint is that you have to replace Jay Z with either Pac, Big L, KRS or Slick Rick and props for having Andre and GZA on here way to many people sleep on them

  3. Adam says:

    canibus is raw with lyrics, chino xl needs to be on here for sure….

  4. Pingback: Citizen McGee’s Top 10 Rap Albums Of 2010 | Citizen McGee

  5. ron says:

    Big L
    Krs one
    Percee P
    Chino xl
    Crooked I

    so many good lyricists out there im sure i left some out and everyones opinion is gonna be different for the most part.

  6. Kayne says:

    How you gonna leave me off? Revise that shit pronto.

  7. ron says:

    These are your favorites not who you think the greatest lyricists are correct ? this list is missing alot of people or some people need to be replaced solid list though i agree with it for the most part better then most lists.

  8. Groupie says:

    I’m pregnant and I wish it were yours…

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