NBA Showdown!!!

Assuming that Michael Jordan is the Jesus Christ of professional basketball (which is more of an undisputable fact than an assumption…), who would win between a team of “B.J.” greats (drafted before Jordan in’84) and a team of “P.J.” greats (drafted in ’84 or later)?

First of all, who would make the teams?

Team BJ

Point Guard: Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Not only is he a force to be reckoned with as a giant point guard with a penchant for flashy passes, but who the fuck would risk touching this goofy mutha fucka!?!  You know they had to reassure all the other players over and over again… “No James Worthy, you can’t get AIDS from sharing your awesome swimming/basketball goggles with Magic…”  Plus, Magic’d be sure to make everyone on the other team dumber/confused by his retarded facial expressions, slow drawl, and nonsensical comments/“jokes.”

Shooting Guard: Oscar “Big O” Robertson

Big O was a beast.  He invented the head fake, the fadeaway jump shot and, most importantly (no… not really), he can do the splits in mid air!  Little known fact… The real Mr. Triple Double was also a sex addict  (again… not really. No lawsuits please.) with peculiar fetishes.  Yes, one of them has to do with feet, and yes, he has fucked both Rex Ryan’s wife AND Rex Ryan… AND their mailman.  Tiger Woods is like a sex cub compared to this nasty bastard.  Do you know how he got the nickname “Big O”?!?  Let me tell you… Oscar was born with a large, strange circular birth mark on his back.  His friends saw it one day when he was swimming and coined the nickname, “Big O.”  What?  What did you think I was going to say you sick fucks?!?!

Small Forward: Larry Bird

Yes, there is a cracker on the team… and yes, he looks like this.  Don’t ask questions. I don’t fucking get it either.

He fuckin’ smells like bologna and Bengay too…

Power Forward: Bill Russell

This guy is weird as fuck. As a youngin’ he looked like a crip gangsta that would not hesitate to curb stomp you, or any other mother fucker that crossed him.  Now he looks and acts like a crazy cartoon character on too many meds… something like a mix between Disney’s Goofy, Michael Strahan (gap teeth), a black Herbert (the old molester from Family Guy), and Bubbles (the crackhead from The Wire).  You don’t know if he’s going to chuckle uncontrollably, try to touch your penis, or sell you some crack!  Nonetheless, 11 rings in 13 years is amazing; a stat that cannot be fucked with. EVER.

Center: Wilt Chamberlain

You can’t see Wilt’s face here because more people have seen his dick than his face.  He is not only one of, if not THE, best centers of all time, but he has fucked more women than Citizen McGee.  Oh…

Wilt the Third Stilt will score a hundred points in a game, and then he will go fuck your mom, your sister, your wife and your daughter all at the same time.  He’ll even let your dog lick his ass while he does so.  And they will all enjoy it.  Especially the dog.  He will grab 55 boards in a game, and then he will grab 55 asses (and their corresponding 110 titties) that very night. 110 TITTIES!!!

Team PJ

Point Guard: John Stockton

WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.  ?!!?!?!?!?!?

How in McGee’s name does this puny little bastard become an NBA great?  He looks like he belongs in a rodeo, not on a basketball court.  His shorts are too short, he is too white, he is too small, he is too hairy, he is too pasty, his voice is too creepy, he is too white, and I can almost guarantee that he is the product of a human fucking a donkey.  Need proof? There have been numerous witnesses that have seen him eat sugar cubes out of Karl Malone’s hand… and jock strap.

Wings: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Ahhh… the Great One and his Mini-Me.

I liken these two to Timmy and Tommy Timmons from The Sandlot.

I can picture the whole PJ Team playing park baseball in dirty clothes now…

Jordan (after hitting a grand slam): I’m the Great Bambino!
Duncan (in nasally voice with oversized hat): Who’s that, guys?

[everyone’s jaws but Duncan’s gapes wide open]

Jordan: What did you just say?

Stockton: What, were you born in a barn, man? Like me?
Shaq: You’ve never heard of the Sultan of Swat?
Stockton: The Titan of Terror?
Michael Jordan: The Colossus of Clout?!?
Kobe: The Colossus of Clout?!?

Power Forward: Tim Duncan

Dum            De           Dum,      Da          Dum        De  Dee            Dum.

Tim Duncan is like that fucking retarded vulture from Looney Tunes.

He is the most boring, dorky, lame basketball superstar ever.  His specialty is the bank-shot!!!  Pathetic.  He reminds me of a Tiger Woods mutant.  Except he’s not cool enough to bang a bunch of chicks.  His dick probably doesn’t even work.  The last thing that he fucked was David Robinson out of a job.  The best part?

He has a fucking loc’d out jester as a tattoo on his back! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, so you’re hard now, Timmy?  Tim-may(!!!) from South Park is harder than you!

Center: Shaquille O’Neal

There are so many things that could be said about Shaq, but his amazing rap lyrics say it best:

A lot of hoopers, tryin to play ball
TIM-BER!! They’re all gonna fall cuz
The world is mine, all mine
Quick to treat between the line even Ray Charles ain’t that blind
Pass me a Pepsi, forget that freakish Snapple
MC talkin head then I will smash him with the alley apple
you look for somethin wack you get smacked
Boom-pow-ping, da-ping-pat
Shaq, is back in effect, so how’s that?

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22 Responses to NBA Showdown!!!

  1. Lucy_Lu says:

    Haha, all your articles have me rolling. I hope to read some more.

  2. Kmiff says:

    I hate both justin beiber and the cry baby lebron james lol but thanks for the honest try! I just hope this page wasnt serious thats all. But overall it was a very humorous.

  3. kmiff says:

    But Jackson Hole, you do need to come up with a better name. Just a little advice haha

  4. kmiff says:

    I have to admit this was pretty funny, but if you are serious you are one of the most retarded idiotic dum###es to ever watch the sport of basketball. You were probably a fan of the older guys, which I don’t have a problem with, or you think the game has died and am a person who lives in the past recalling the old days where wilt scored a hundred because he was the only true center in the game at the time. You seem so biased that it is hard to know whether to laugh because of your jokes or laugh and make fun of you because this is stupid. Explain yourself next time or don’t write something that isn’t worth my time.

    • citizenmcgee says:

      Billy Madison sure comes to mind when I read this comment:

      Mr. “kmiff,” what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      Like your comment, my response is conflicted. Ummm… you’re welcome that I provided you with entertainment that you acknowledge as being funny… and… I’m sorry that I didn’t write something worthy of your time? Is that what I should say?

      • kmiff says:

        What i tried to say that u obviously did not get was that every description is biased toward the older player. Maybe you should rent a time machine, go back in time and blow them. Then everyone else can appreciate the basketball being played today without your pointless comparisons.

      • citizenmcgee says:

        You’re one of those guys that likes Justin Bieber, aren’t you?

        All jokes aside, lil’ Belieber, nobody likes a downer, do they? So here… I’ll give it an honest try!!! I’ll go watch the face of the game today, Mr. Lebron James, play with heart, integrity, and selflessness…

        There’s no way I could be disappointed!

      • Vincentt says:

        Did you really go watch billy madison just to post a comment?

      • citizenmcgee says:



  5. Lequit says:

    i laughed soo hard throughout that whole list
    thank thee sir, thank thee

  6. Jackson Hole says:

    btw.. this is totally gay.

  7. Jackson Hole says:

    Kareem is way better than Wilt.. and would match up better with Shaq who wouldn’t have a prayer of defending against the sky hook.

  8. X says:

    Who cares. You suck.

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  10. Walter says:

    Citizen McGee is awesome-sauce!

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