Why Randy Marsh is Probably My Real Father…

South Park Randy Marsh Guitar Hero







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Goodman Rolls!! [These Film Roles Should Have Gone To John “Donkey Dick” Goodman!!!]

What were these idiot producers, directors and movie studios thinking?!?

Obviously these movies would have been much more successful, rather than the worthless bombs we know them to be, if only John Goodman had been cast!!!

1. Home Alone

Goodman Home Alone

The Wet Bandits would never stand a chance!!

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King McGee

I, Citizen McGee, am now King of the World.

Hooray for me!

Let’s get down to business.

For my first 10 acts as your Ruler, my bitches…

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Lebron James Ain’t Shit!!!

Lebron’s bitch ass holds a special place in my little harness of hate.

For that reason, I’m going to bring a special guest in to this post to do a little CITIZEN McGEE remix of one of his most unique (which is saying a lot for this trail-blazing artist) songs…

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Titties And Cartoons

You know, Poppy used to always tell me… The best thing in the world are big titties.

He’s got something there.  He also used to tell me… The second best thing in the world next to big titties are cartoons.

That’s true too!

So here we go… 5 sets of great titties… and 5 great cartoons. Together at last.

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Citizen McGee’s Bucket List…

McGee is back!!!

It’s been a long time… Big-tittied Asians sure speak the troof when they say they love you long time! I’ve been out of commish for over a month!

Almost long enough to learn her name! 


Anyway, like 4.3 seconds ago my superior intellect instantaneously thought up some new retarded shit I should do before I die.  Because I’m a nice guy, I figured I would go ahead and share this new information with all of you (Actually, I just figured that if you are reading this, you are probably a few dingleberries short of a Khloe Kardashian yourself, and thus may want to partake in some or all of these most bodacious festivities I have devised…).

Add these to the McGee Bucket List, bitches! Continue reading

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